Start A Blog/ Website and Earn Money

A Complete Guide To Earn Money Online with A Blog or Website

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Select A Profitable Niche

Do a little bit research and find a niche that has low competition, high search volume or demand. If you find multiple niches or keyword that has potential to earn you a good amount of money, you can work on both at the same time or start with the most possible one.

Get The Domain Name

Choosing the right domain plays a very critical part with SEO or Website Ranking over Search Engines. If you have multiple keywords and all of them goes under the same niche, get a domain name that is most relevant to the niche.

In case you want to work on a single keyword, for example “best web hosting 2020“. In this case choose the domain name with the keyword i.e. (if it’s available, if not choose a different extension), we call it EMD or Exact Match Domain.

Choose the right Web Hosting

You would want to choose a web hosting with good server speed. Below you’ll find some of our suggestion that we are personally using and love their service.

If you are just starting your career as a blogger it is important that you invest wisely. Shared web hosting plans are the best for starter, you can get them from as low as a $1/month.

From the cPanel of the hosting dashboard, you’ll be able to install most of the App script that are popular within the industry. WordPress is the most wise choice because of it’s customizing options.

Web Hosting Provider We Trust

Affiliate Disclosure

“We earn commissions from some of the services/products recommended on this site.”

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular program used by Bloggers and Youtubers. If you are starting a website or blog, you must apply for the program. It’s really easy to get approval of AdSense program, you just need to have a well designed blog with quality content.

Apply for Google AdSense:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is one of the best alternate way to make money online. You can ready more about affiliate marketing here.

Below I have mentioned some popular Affiliate Platform that you can trust and start signing up:

  • CJ (
  • Amazon Affiliate (
  • Clickbank (
  • vCommission (

These are one of the TOP affiliate network/ program that are dominating the industry. If you are planning to start with affiliate marketing I’ll highly suggest you to check-out these networks, their offers and find out what’s good for you.