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Digital Marketing Certification Course

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Why Learn From Us?

Unleash your potential with our Digital Marketing Certification Course and experience an education unlike any other. Here’s why you should choose us:

Learning from the Leaders

Unlike other courses, we don’t just teach you theory. With us, you learn directly from proven digital marketing experts who are currently thriving in the field. Our trainers are not merely academicians; they’re seasoned professionals with years of practical experience in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Exclusive Insights

For the first time, our industry leading experts will be sharing their secret tips and tricks with our students. We unlock doors to strategies that have been instrumental to their successes. You’ll gain exclusive insights into the art of digital marketing that are typically kept within industry circles.

Cutting-edge Curriculum

Our course content is continuously updated and fine-tuned to ensure that it aligns with current trends and industry needs. We ensure our students have their fingers on the pulse of digital marketing’s ever-evolving landscape.

Real-World Application

We don’t just teach – we empower you to apply. Our hands-on training model ensures that you’re not just learning concepts but applying them in real-world scenarios, thus preparing you for actual challenges in the digital marketing realm.

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What You’ll Learn?

Our comprehensive Digital Marketing Certification Course covers the entire digital marketing spectrum to ensure our students develop a deep and well-rounded understanding of the field. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Grasp the essentials of digital marketing, including an overview of the digital marketing landscape, understanding of the customer journey, and the role of various digital channels in marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Master the intricacies of SEO, including keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, and SEO analytics, to boost website visibility and ranking on search engine result pages.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Learn how to create and optimize successful PPC campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads, as well as strategies for maximizing click-through rates and conversions while minimizing costs.

Social Media Marketing

Understand how to leverage social media platforms for brand awareness, customer engagement, and lead generation, and learn how to create compelling content tailored to each platform’s specific audience.

Website Development

Explore Website Development, gaining practical skills in creating, optimizing, and maintaining user-friendly, effective websites that engage visitors, meet business objectives, and deliver a seamless digital experience.


Immerse yourself in WordPress, acquiring in-depth knowledge of this robust platform. Learn to create, customize, and manage visually appealing, functional websites that elevate your digital presence and user experience.


Learn the art of Blogging: create compelling, value-rich content that enhances your digital footprint, attracts and retains readers, bolsters SEO efforts, and fosters a sense of community around your brand.

Link Building

Master the technique of Link Building: strategically acquire high-quality backlinks to bolster your site’s authority, enhance search engine visibility, drive organic traffic, and establish your brand as a trusted resource.

Affiliate Marketing

Unlock the potential of Affiliate Marketing: learn to effectively promote third-party products, generate sales through your unique referral links, and harness this model to establish a profitable and passive income stream.

Monetization Ways

Explore diverse Monetization Ways: gain skills to convert your online presence into a sustainable revenue source using methods such as advertising, sponsored content, product sales, subscriptions, and more.

Email Marketing

Learn the power of Email Marketing, mastering the art of crafting captivating emails that boost conversions, foster customer relationships, and maintain engagement in an increasingly digital marketing landscape.

Content Marketing

Unlock the potential of Content Marketing, learning how to create, curate, and distribute compelling content that resonates with your audience, drives engagement, and fosters brand loyalty in a digital world.

Web Analytics

Get to grips with critical web analytics tools like Google Analytics, learn how to track and interpret key performance metrics, and use this data to make informed strategic decisions and optimize your marketing campaigns

Strategy and Planning

Develop the skills to create comprehensive digital marketing strategies, set SMART goals, identify target audience segments, choose the right digital marketing channels, and measure and analyze the success of your campaigns.

Content Writing

Master Content Writing, learning how to craft engaging, SEO-friendly content that resonates with your target audience, drives web traffic, enhances user engagement, and boosts your brand’s digital presence.

How to be a Better Digital Marketer

Learn how to excel as a Digital Marketer, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of strategy formulation, campaign execution, and analytical assessment, to continually optimize performance and achieve marketing goals.

What People Say About Us

Our students and industry partners have generously shared their experiences and thoughts about our Digital Marketing Certification Course. Here’s what they’re saying:

This course was a game-changer for my career. I learned invaluable skills and strategies from the industry’s best. It’s worth every penny. Highly recommended!

Manjula Das
The course instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Their industry secrets and tips have significantly improved my digital marketing prowess.

Avinash Choudhury
This course offers more than just training; it provides a deep understanding of digital marketing that helps in developing effective strategies. A must for anyone in this field.

Amrit Bhat​
The practical insights and hands-on training I received in this course were outstanding. I was able to apply the learned strategies in real-world scenarios immediately.

Rudra Menon

Meet Your Instructors

Our Digital Marketing Certification Course is taught by a team of seasoned professionals who are not only knowledgeable in their field, but also actively engaged in the industry. Here’s a brief introduction to your course instructors:

Om Thoke

Founder of Webfosys Networks Pvt Ltd

Tamas Boruah

Founder of Verd Media

Kaushik Changmai

Director at Jadu Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Course Fees

Please note that the course fee includes all the components of the program. No additional charges are required. Begin your journey into the exciting world of digital marketing today!

4 Months Advance Digital Marketing Course

Suitable for Beginners

Full Course Fee

₹ 24,000

₹ 48,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this digital marketing course cover?

This digital marketing course covers essential aspects of online marketing, such as SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more. The course seeks to provide students with the essential knowledge and practical skills to create and manage successful digital marketing campaigns.

Who can enroll in this digital marketing course?

This course is suitable for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to learn digital marketing techniques to advance their careers or businesses. No prior digital marketing experience is required, but basic computer and internet skills are necessary.

How long is this digital marketing course?

This digital marketing course, has a duration of 4 months, which includes hands-on projects, case studies, and practical experience.

What is the course fee for this digital marketing course in Guwahati?

The regular course fee for our Digital Marketing Certification Course is 48,000 INR. However, we are currently offering a limited-time discount of 50%, reducing the course fee to just 24,000 INR. This discounted rate includes full access to all course materials, expert-led sessions, and resources. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to invest in your career at an unbeatable price!

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of this digital marketing course?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a digital marketing certificate. This certificate can be added to your resume and professional profiles to demonstrate your digital marketing expertise.

Can I enroll in this digital marketing course online?

Yes, this digital marketing course is available both offline at the center in Guwahati, Assam, and through online live classes. The online format allows you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

Will there be hands-on experience or practical projects included in this course?

Yes, this digital marketing course includes hands-on experience and practical projects, allowing you to apply the concepts learned during the course to real-world scenarios and enhance your understanding and skills.

Can I take this digital marketing course if I don’t live in Guwahati, Assam?

Yes, you can enroll in the online live classes offered by the institute, even if you don’t reside in Guwahati, Assam. The online course format provides the flexibility to learn from anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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